What Women Want, What’s Holding Them Back, and the High Cost of Staying Stuck

At their core, the women I work with are searching for freedom, control, and fulfillment in their careers and lives. They crave financial independence and often multiple income streams to allow choices made from the heart, not obligation. They seek meaningful, passionate work that aligns with their core values, leading them to feel proud and valuable. They yearn for authentic connections and relationships that celebrate rather than just tolerate them. They also aim for inner peace and self-confidence, allowing them to swim with life’s currents, not against them. They want their work and life to serve a bigger purpose that positively impacts others and contributes to a sense of personal achievement.

BUT, and it’s a big one, there’s a long list of things that stop them from achieving this AND what’s holding them back is primarily internal. Yes! They’re getting in their own way.

Their mindset and self-beliefs are the biggest hurdles. Fears of failure, judgment, and imposter syndrome often paralyze them, stopping them from going “all in.” The weight of societal expectations, especially around family and educational qualifications, adds to the pressure. The desire for perfection and control traps them in a cycle of self-doubt and second-guessing themselves. They struggle with the fear of outshining others and dealing with “golden handcuffs” that make leaving a comfortable but unfulfilling situation seem daunting, or impossible. They’re bogged down by the misconception that they have to do it all alone, leading to burnout and sacrificing their dreams. They are often in a state of desperation by the time they reach out. 

The price these women are paying for staying stuck is multifaceted and goes beyond just professional setbacks. Emotionally, the strain is evident—snapping at loved ones, feeling emotionally numb, or feeling isolated. The stress manifests physically as fatigue and sleeplessness, gut and other health issues, compromising overall well-being. Time is another casualty; they’re losing precious moments with family and personal time for self-care, instead invested in overhelping others or worrying.

The cycle of negative self-talk and mindset becomes more noticeable and corrosive over time and is affecting relationships and causing a lack of connection. These women find themselves unable to get that promotion even though it is deserved, or have been settling for roles beneath their skill level, which further erodes confidence and fulfillment. There’s a palpable absence of inner peace, happiness, and joy – and there is no vision for what that could look like once again. In more drastic cases, this has even cost them significant relationships and set their careers back by years.

So there it is. The stakes are high, not just in the context of career aspirations but in the quality of their lives. Addressing these internal barriers isn’t just about achieving professional success; it’s about reclaiming a sense of joy, connection, and well-being that permeates all aspects of life. It’s about life-changing work that can free you of the incessant internal chatter, take the load of the world off your shoulders and put you on your path to success.

Feeling seen? If you’re nodding your head and thinking, “Wow, that’s me,” then it’s time for a chat. Don’t let another year—or even another week—slip by stuck in the same old patterns. Let’s disrupt the status quo and design a roadmap for you to break free and level up—on your terms. If your interest is piqued and you want to talk about how to take control, find your joy, and live a life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, then reach out and let’s chat. I’m here to help you smash those internal barriers and tap into the kickass woman we both know you are. 🌟

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