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Cassie Jeppson

Stephanie Moring

Alicia Valderrama

Aarti Gupta

Kerry Osborn

Unstoppable Leadership lead a workshop for our Women’s Network here at Wealth.com, The Clarity Code.  I will say, our team had a hard time choosing which workshop to start with because we could easily see the benefit of each of the topics suggested. The Clarity Code was our first workshop choice and Rema’s expertise really helped our team to brainstorm and identify professional goals and then map out a path so we could actually put the gears in motion, in figuring out what success looks like for each of us. It was an incredibly impactful and thought provoking session for each participant, myself included. I am excited to plan out 2024 and schedule more workshops with for our employees over the course of the year.

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Brittney Cullen – VP People & Culture, Wealth.com

Unstoppable Leadership led a custom workshop for my APJ team at Veeam, focusing on essential leadership skills like managing change, creating boundaries, and prioritization. Her deep understanding of the challenges in today’s dynamic work environment and her clear, relevant articulation of complex concepts made the workshop both insightful and practically applicable. Key highlights included strategies for navigating organizational change with resilience, balancing accessibility with personal boundaries to enhance team dynamics, and innovative approaches to prioritization for improved productivity and focused leadership.

Rema’s engaging style and passion for leadership development fostered a dynamic learning environment that encouraged open dialogue and collaboration. Her workshop not only provided immediate tools and strategies for effective leadership but also left a lasting impact on how we approach leadership challenges. I highly recommend Rema for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills or address specific team needs, as her influence extends well beyond the training room, benefiting both individual and team development.

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Behzaad Habibi- MD Channel & Alliances, Veeam

What an incredible life-changing program led by an amazing coach in Rema. It was the right program at the right time in my life and my career, and I met a great group of women who went on the journey together but in our own unique way. It exceeded my expectations in terms of personalisation, delivery, and content. If you are at cross-roads in your career and not sure what your next move is, dive in and do this program. You won’t regret it!

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Rose Princi

It was transformative, engaging, inclusive and powerful. I came in looking for a life jacket and through the course of the program gained insights around my shadows, pivoted from surviving to thriving, learnt more about who I am, found my voice, tribe and MYSELF.

You are the best serendipitous encounter yet!

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Sharlyn Gonsalves

Unstoppable Leadership was one of the best leadership courses I’ve ever participated in. Get out of your comfort zone, experience real growth and development, learn to get out of your own way and get the most authentic feedback of your career. I’d recommend this course and Rema’s coaching to anyone looking to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development.

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Cassie Jeppson

I never knew how powerful understanding core values are and how values contribute to feeling ‘stuck’, setting intentions and goal setting. I understood what was stopping me from achieving my goals.

I am catching myself in old behavioural patterns. I ruminate and procrastinate much less. I’ve also achieved a lot in my business in the last four months, having gained clarity and confidence.

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Jessie Espinosa

I have learnt to accept myself for who I am and all negative thoughts and feelings were actually from my own head and thoughts. I am accountable to myself, do not have to feel obligated or guilty if I can’t meet everyone’s requirements or demand.

I have learnt to speak up and voice out, be firm and also more confidence in my speech. I have also learnt to say NO to demanding request, basically stand up for my needs.

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Camila Chen

I feel a lot more at peace with some things others say. I feel a more compassion and curiosity. I 100% feel more confident. I feel like I am less in my own way. I also love that I feel I have tools to apply to other areas of my life.

I just didn’t realize how good it was going to be. It far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t want to miss a session ever. I was so engaged and for me to stay tuned in for two hours usually takes some effort! This was no effort.

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Stephanie Moring

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