‘Level Up’ Your Leadership – Masterclass


Are you working hard but not hitting your career goals?

(whether that’s a seat at the table to affect real change, the much deserved promotion or the overdue pay rise??)

Learn how ambitious, driven career women are uncovering their blind spots & understanding their personal barriers.

‘Level Up’ Your Leadership

To operate with MORE EASE and FULFILLMENT and experience more JOY.

(Yes you too can break through, but first you must identify what’s holding you back that’s in your blind spot)

Key Takeways

Learn a simple 3-step framework to identify what is standing in your way:

  • STEP 1: Get Clarity on What You Want: understanding your ultimate goal and career (and life) aspirations is crucial for charting your path forward
  • STEP 2: Uncover Your Blind Spots: by identifying the unseen obstacles and underlying issues that have slowed to stop your progress. This step involves deep self-reflection and possibly feedback from others.
  • STEP 3: Learn Steps to Clear Your Blind Spots: Learn about strategies and actions to overcome these barriers, to advance in your career confidently.


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'Level Up' Your Leadership - Masterclass

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