Navigating Life After Layoffs and Empowering the Remaining Team

Navigating life after layoffs is a critical issue that’s impacting businesses across the globe. In recent times, we’ve witnessed a wave of layoffs that have not only reshaped our corporate landscapes but also left deep emotional and operational scars on those who remain. Most don’t want to speak up or complain as they still have […]

“Performing vs. Performance” and how it impacts team culture.

In the corporate world, the distinction between ‘Performing’ and ‘Performance’ is often blurred, but understanding the contrast between these two terms is crucial for unlocking and nurturing high-performance teams (individuals too) and culture. Let me explain. When asking numerous leaders globally about how they define and measure performance, the majority point to results. Here’s the […]

Transforming Workplace Dynamics: Why Traditional Engagement Surveys Aren’t Enough

Why traditional engagement surveys are not enough

Let’s delve into the intricacies of employee engagement surveys and their critical role in modern businesses. These surveys are invaluable tools for gauging the overall pulse of an organization. They illuminate areas of excellence and can help to identify those needing improvement, granting every employee a voice. There’s a direct connection between engagement and business […]

The 10 Key Attributes of High-Performing Teams

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, the difference between a successful organization and an exceptional one often lies in the performance of its teams. But what exactly makes a team not just good, but great? Through extensive global research conducted we’ve identified 10 key attributes that are consistently present in high-performing teams. Let’s dive […]

Navigating High-Performance: The Challenge of Definition and Measurement

In the pursuit of organizational excellence, ‘high performance’ often emerges as a key objective. Yet, despite its frequent use, this term remains one of the most elusive concepts in the corporate world. The challenge begins with a lack of a consistent definition, which consequently hampers the ability to measure it effectively. Let’s explore this conundrum […]

The Evolution of Peer Reviews Beyond the Bias of Traditional 360

The 360 peer review has long been a staple in the corporate world, lauded for its comprehensive approach to evaluating an employee’s performance from all angles. However, while it offers valuable insights, this method is not without its flaws, chiefly inherent biases that can skew results. This article examines these biases and explores how the […]

Saying No to Others = Saying Yes to Yourself

It’s time we have an open conversation about a word that often makes us cringe, but ironically holds within it a power to set us free and really revolutionize our lives. “NO.” Have you ever felt guilt or shame for wanting things for yourself? Or maybe you’ve been told that it’s selfish to put your […]

What Women Want, What’s Holding Them Back, and the High Cost of Staying Stuck

At their core, the women I work with are searching for freedom, control, and fulfillment in their careers and lives. They crave financial independence and often multiple income streams to allow choices made from the heart, not obligation. They seek meaningful, passionate work that aligns with their core values, leading them to feel proud and […]

Facing Your Resistance is Your Path to Growth

You know that uneasy feeling of resistance, right? That mix of discomfort, hesitation, or even fear when facing something new, difficult, or simply unpleasant. It’s that inner conflict that tugs at you, sometimes showing up as physical sensations like a tightened chest or shallow breathing. Resistance isn’t just a fleeting feeling; it keeps reoccurring, especially […]

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